Founder & Director

Surendra Singh

A entrepreneur with vision of creating sustainable use of plastic products established YIPPL in 2009, Nearly a decade and many struggles later, Mr. Surendra Singh has established a brand name for YIPPL in the industry.

Thought from director desk
"Human beings are associated with plastics in each and every moment of life in many forms such as gadgets , furniture , packaging items , textile and many more . Recently it has become a trend among various local bodies to ban various plastics , especially packaging plastics . Here a question which arise is plastics ban a right solution ? are we moving in right direction for sustainable development ? Instead of ban, there is a need to find sustainable solution like increase in collection rate of used plastic packaging items , which will ultimately increase the recycling rate and a sustainable solution."


Inder Yadav

A entrepreneur with vision to bring plastics back to life by reuse Mr. Inder Yadav is piller of YIPPL with a ownership of all the operational processes of the company.

The agenda is clear , to bring plastics back to life by reuse , with this guiding principle “ reduce by reuse” . Plastic comes back into the economy which well means reduce dumping of plastic waste.

Managing Director

Jagat Ram Balodi

Mr. Jagat Ram Balodi has over 20 years of experience in Compounding and Recycling engineering plastic materials Industry. He is quite easily the technical pillar of YIPPL  . Having worked in senior positions in the industry , Mr. Jagat Ram Balaodi brings with him a wealth of experience.