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YIPPL is fastest growing manufacturer & compunder of plastic granuals.

YIPPL is fastest growing manufacturer & compunder of plastic granuals ( automobile / engineering plastic recycler ) based out at Gurgurum , Haryana ( India) . Established in 2009 , In a short span of time we have ramped up the capacity augumented with niche technologies and quality processes . We are growing a very fast rate with a vision to be a dominant player in business in next 5 years.

With a focus on quality & timely delivery we have become a trusted player in very short span of time . We are serving multiple clients ( currently more than 50) using a wide array of products. With the utmost priority on timliness we ensure that all our customers always get on-time deliveries.


Comprehensive product range of plastic raw materials.

YIPPL is providing comprehensive range of plastic raw materials to industry like ABS Compound, PP Compund , Polyamide (nylon 6 and nylon 66) Compound , PBT Compound , PP compounds , Acrylic , Darlin and more.

Market Segments

Developing raw material for various industry segments.

YIPPL is providing raw material to a large no. of of units across different industry segments , Automotive , Healthcare , Stationary & Toys , etc ..